1st Desert Cactus Wheelchair Quilt

by Cindy Deschamp


2nd Gnomes

by Rosemarie Gotowicki

3rd Friendship Quilt

by Kathy Larson

  • S-2 – Small Quilts – Longarm Hand Guided Quilted

1st Santana Mandala

by Diane Johnston

Also Best of Show

2nd Corona

by Bibi Bellotto

3rd Home and Heart

by Barbara Griffith

  • S-3 – Small Quilts – Longarm Computer Aided Quilted

1st Even the Smallest Stars Twinkle

by Jean McElherne

2nd Stars

by Rosemarie Gotowicki

3rd Purple & Grey Challenge

by Janet Blethen

  • S-4 – Small Quilts – Mostly Applique – Machine Quilted

1st Blessing of Winter

by Sally Folmar

2nd Ruby Poinsettia

by Karen Olivetti