A Brief History…

On the third Thursday of March, 1994, six women gathered in Lynn McDonald’s air conditioned sewing room to discuss quilting over donuts and coffee.

Soon, the ladies decided to come up with a name for their small group and Shadow Mountain Quilters was born. Over the next few months, membership grew to 12, and the group was able to meet twice monthly at the much more spacious Ruud Community Center.

Twenty plus years later, Shadow Mountain Quilters has grown to over 100 members and hosts an annual quilt show. Additionally, SMQ works with the Town of Pahrump to run the Arts, Crafts, Food, and Horticulture section of the Fall Festival.

Charitable Activities…

Our Charity Coordinator and committee members actively work with schools and organizations in Pahrump to learn of local needs that Shadow Mountain Quilters can help fulfill.

Our Comfort Quilts and other gifted items are going strong inside our guild. Our ladies work hard in filling a need within our community, particularly for the homeless population, seniors and abuse victims. We make hats and scarfs for the winter, and quilts and polar fleece blankets for anyone that has the need for such a wonderful homemade gift.

We also collect personal care items, socks, and other things to help where there is a need. We gift our items to folks that are here in Pahrump.

From the babies, to teens in our high school, to our seniors, we are always looking to place our items. Thanks goes to all our membership for contributing.

If you know of a person in need that we can help with a quilt or other items as mentioned, please let us know.